The Movie of the Year?

interstellar-chris-nolan-receiving-unexpected-reviews-interstellarIn the industry that is movies, critics, film makers, and viewers alike are always on the lookout for the breakout out movie of the year. Professionals build careers, and fans plan days and weekends, around which concept they believe can be the next big box office smash. We are almost through with the year 2014, and the movie that seems to have created the most buzz of the year was released a little less than two weeks ago. Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, is the newly released science fiction film that has viewers and critics alike buzzing.

The film is set on a futuristic Earth that is slowly becoming uninhabitable due to climate change. McConaughey plays an astronaut sent on a mission to find a new world on which for the population to live. Through wormholes and distant galaxies, Interstellar takes the view on a journey that patrons who have seen it generally agree kept them on the edge of their seats for the duration of the film.

One reason the film has received so much positive attention from critics is that it managed, for the most part, to accurately adhere to the principles of physics. The production team included several theoretical physicists hired as consultants, and they say that what you see in the film adheres to Einstein’s Theory of Relatively. This was due mainly to the strictures laid down by producer Christopher Nolan that nothing depicted on screen during the movie would violate the established laws of physics. Nolan also insisted that any speculation would be pulled from actual scientific research, rather than invented by a screenwriter.

The film was slightly panned for what were perceived as some issues with the sound. There have been many viewers who have complained that the dialogue is drowned out at certain point by overly loud background noise and score. However, Richard King, the sound designer of Interstellar, says that these are not problems; in fact King says he mixed the sound that way on purpose. According to King, it was his goal to put the focus of the viewer on the emotion of the movie, rather than to have him or her hanging on every spoken word.

The fact of the matter is sound issues or not, Interstellar is hot. Viewers all over are clamoring to see more of what could be the great sci-fi thriller of our time.