Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

There is probably no movie scheduled or coming out in the next few years that has as much fanfare as Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Previous known as Episode VII, the title of the movie came to public knowledge only a few weeks ago. Since the announcement of the plans for this movie almost two years ago, the speculation regarding this movie has grown. People have long wanted more Star Wars movies, but they wanted high quality, solid stories, which they believed were lacking from the prequels that came out over a decade ago now. With every single released image and snippet from the shooting set, fans have started to become more and more optimistic that J.J. Abrams should be able to direct a movie that goes back to the roots of the original trilogy, as he has focused more effort on building physical sets, not to mention he brought back the original cast for the movie as well. However, little is known outside of this, which is why people have been clamoring for some sort of footage or trailer to come out. Thankfully though, this desire might be answers in the form of a teaser trailer.

For larger budget movies, a teaser trailer often comes out a year or so in advance of the movie. With the film scheduled to hit theaters in December of 2015, the expected release of the upcoming Star Wars trailer is fast approaching, and there is a very strong chance it hits theaters this coming holiday season, most likely attached to a big budget Disney movie coming out at the time. A teaser trailer is much shorter than a traditional trailer. It is around one minute in length or so (including opening and closing production studio icons and release information), so the story really is not revealed during this, although it does allow fans to see actual material captured for the movie. If current reports are true, the makeup of the soon to be released teaser trailer is already known.

First, the trailer starts with a fade in and fades out of the different characters, one at a time, from Han Solo to all of the new characters. Then, after an extended fade to black, the voice of a women says “Awaken”, and suddenly the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” logo appears on the screen as the music builds from woodwinds to a full orchestra.