The Observer Releases List Of The World’s Biggest Players In Commercial Real Estate

Last year most banks and even private institutional funds experienced a decrease in their lending activity. This was because there was a surge in the number and types of alternative lenders. These were responsible for significantly providing for construction as well as transitional debt. Even the life companies did well last year.

It was because of this significant contribution by these private lenders that they have been added to these rankings. This is the No. 40 position is taken by Mesa West Capital, and No. 49 position has been given to Mack Credit Real Estate Strategies. There is a big time hedge fund of UK also on this list. ACORE Capital has made a major jump. It was founded recently in May 2015. It was at No.39 last year and jumped up to reach No. 10 spot this year. The reason for this jump is its stupendous growth in the space of bridge lending. Also included in this year’s list was Andrew Farkas, CEO Island Capital Group.

Another notable addition in this list is Bank of the Ozarks. This is a little-known bank that has been highly active mainly towards construction lending front. This bank occupies the No. 31 position in this list.

Janet Yellen is another interesting listing here. She was No. 20 spot in the list last year. There has been an uncertainty with regard to the state of interest rates. Still, she is commanding a huge amount of power over the finance market. It does appear that there will be at least some amount of hike in lending rates. This also indicates an increase in the economic growth rate.

There is another trend that can be seen on this list now. The Trump administration is going to be responsible for getting in a few new faces in this list. This can include a few producers of Hollywood films too. After all, they now have a much higher chance of dictating the changes in the financial markets.

Raymond Qiao occupies the top slot in this list. He is the Chief Lending Officer. He is working with the Bank of China. He had moved up from the No.3 rank last year. Even though Donald Trump had been against the trade policies of US with China, but Chinese money is still funding real estate lending in the US. Chinese lending inside the US is led by the Bank of China. They have provided nearly $4.5 billion in the form of commercial real estate loans.