A New “Light” Coming to Charm City

The proposal for the construction of a 404-foot combination office building and apartment complex has been submitted. The current proposal has added ten additional floors for office space. The building would total 22 floors with the estimated price at $110 million dollars. The negotiations have not yet been completed.

The idea is to promote the development of the current financial district. This district is undergoing a lot of changes. Metropolitan has taken the Bank of America to convert into apartments. These developments are occurring on One Light Street and there have been discussions about these changes for decades without anything changing.

This is the 25th anniversary of the property being acquired. The original intention was to use it for office space. The design panel of the city has brought up questions pertaining to the imposing nature of the stone base planned for the building. There have also been questions regarding a truck entry planned for East Baltimore. The original presentation showed only landscaping on the side facing Light Street.

This project was made a priority after it received backing from the Downtown Partnership and the city leaders. There is no doubt this is a challenging site but the excitement is there. The presentation was made by Metropolitan at both the urban design and architectural panel for the city. The presentation was repeated for the zoning board. A different proposal by Workshop development based out of Baltimore was also made. This was regarding a sixteen story building containing 240 apartment units and 7,000 square feet that would be used for retail businesses.

The latest session was to introduce the projects scale although the specific designs were not discussed. The architecture firm who would be responsible for the project believes the building would revitalize President Street and open the door to more transformations in the area. The architects believe it is an amazing area and capable of keeping the momentum going for future developments.

The plans in question would place retail locations on the corners of the site and apartments on President Street. An extremely large parking structure would also be built for the residents. The developer feels this will help make the area nicer for pedestrians. They are looking forward to a great project that will benefit the city in a way that will engender pride.