How the Miami Design District Is Bringing Innovation To The City

With over 100 art galleries, shops, and restaurants in one area of the beautiful city of Miami, The Design District is the place to go for high end fashion, art, culture, and cuisine. Once an area dedicated to fruit farms the neighborhood is now becoming a popular destination for people in not just the Miami area but the world. In a short time the design district has attracted well known fashion houses and gourmet eateries and also smaller shops with unique and specialty crafts, garments, and foods to offer. Anyone looking to be inspired by all that surrounds them would find themselves quite at home in this neighborhood, it is designed to grab the attention of those who appreciate art and fashion in all its forms.

The concept for Miami’s Design District was put into action 15 years ago around the idea of ‘curating’ this area of the city as one would an art exhibit. Every detail of the neighborhood was planned with innovation in mind from the architecture to the kinds of shops and places they would house. With a mission to create a development intended to be a place of creative experiences this neighborhood has fulfilled its purpose. In addition to shops, galleries and restaurants the Miami Design District is a home for artists and artisans and those who admire the work of such people. The Design District is intended to be a place for the city to showcase the most interesting and revolutionary designers, artists, and architects that it has to offer.

The most exciting thing about the design district is that it is as constantly evolving and changing as the work of the artists it houses. The developers of the neighborhood have plans to expand on the neighborhood by welcoming more shops and restaurants to the area, commissioning new buildings from talented architects and allowing public art installations to be showcased. The lure of this neighborhood with its luxurious shops juxtaposed with art galleries and creative souls, is one that draws many famous people to the area. George Clooney, Craig Robins, and Beyoncé are regularly seen out and about in the neighborhood. The eclectic vibe, unique blend of high end names and up and coming designers, and the opportunity to have a luxury experience while enjoying the new and offbeat allow The Miami Design District to provide a one of a kind experience to visitors and residents alike.