Harvard Club to Honor Acclaimed Director

The prestigious Hasty Pudding Institute of Harvard has recently made a public statement that Paris Barclay, the present leader of the Director’s Guild of America, shall soon be awarded the Order of the Golden Sphinx. Don’t be fooled by the arcane sounding name of the award, or the silliness of the name of the institute – for the award of the Order of the Golden Sphinx is one of the highest honors that the organization can bestow upon a member of the film industry. The Order of the Golden Sphinx award is given only to those who have been recognized as reaching a pinnacle in some niche within the entertainment industry and has been grant to numerous celebrities and Hollywood executives in the past. For instance, former holders of the Order of the Golden Sphinx Award have included the legendary record producer Clive Jay Davis, Harry Potter film scorer, David Heyman as well as Daryl Roth of Broadway notoriety.

The chairman of the Hasty Pudding Institute, Andrew Farkas (Grand Sphinx Farkas to Honor Barclay at Gala), gave a brief statement following the organizations intentions to bestow the previously mentioned award upon Mr. Barclay. He stated, “Paris is the first recipient of the Order of the Golden Sphinx to have been a member of the Hasty Pudding Institute as an undergraduate. As a former singer with the Harvard Krokodiloes, a composer of two Hasty Pudding Theatricals shows, and now an Emmy award-winning director, Paris embodies a lifelong dedication to the arts and what it means to be a Pudding member.”

Mr. Paris, for those who are unfamiliar, is an extremely accomplished television direction with over 150 TV episodes under his belt, including such well known shows as The West Wing and House, M.D. and NCIS. Mr. Paris responded to the news by saying that he was overjoyed to have been chosen for the prestigious award and hoped all of his peers were ready for, “-a suitably pretentious speech from me, surrounded by rampant impropriety.”