DC’s Premier Dining Locations

Le Diplomate, on 14th Street, is as upscale and happening as it gets in D.C. With sightings of Michelle Obama, John Kerry, or foreign dignitaries a regular occurrence, this French-style bistro gives patrons an opportunity to experience Paris right here in the United States. Steak frites and crusty baguettes, combined with the French decor transports diners into a sensory-filled environment with impeccable service and refreshing European style. Popular dishes are in the vein of comfort-food, but as French variants, including: steaks and fries, onion soup, roasted chicken, and shellfish. The restaurant interior boasts a stylish zinc bar and tile floor. When the weather is favorable, the sidewalk cafe is packed and gives the bistro an even more authentic Parisian impression.

Fiola Mare, in Georgetown, is sumptuous enough to have the honor of hosting President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for the President’s birthday. Other notable diners include Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba and comedian Larry David. This sleek, modern restaurant is the epitome of sophistication and is home to excellent Italian cuisine. The specialty here, specifically, is seafood. Owner Fabio Trabocchi is a seafood specialist and sought to bring the Adriatic to our nation’s capital, and succeeded. Popular dishes include creamy buccatini pasta with sea urchin and flavorful prawns, clam spaghetti with slow burning chili peppers for an added kick, and a dazzling house salad that features a bounty of leafy vegetables, herbs, and gourmet cheeses.

Mini Bar, in the heart of Chinatown, is well known for a fantastic and unreal dining experience. Visitors can expect the unexpected, with such culinary eccentricity as being asked by the chef to eat a watermelon slice that is covertly a margarita or to bite into steamed mussels with shells made from frozen squid ink. Mind games mix with eating in this highly upscale and sometimes bizarre restaurant. What’s unique about Mini Bar is that the experience feels like a guided tour into a culinary fantasy. A dozen people guide diners through champagne in a blindingly white salon, through an ultra-modern food lab, and ending at an uber-chic lounge called BarMini where delicious dessert is served.