Buena Vista Miami Has It All

For people coming to visit South Florida, they need to make sure to spend some time in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami. Buena Vista is home to the famed “Miami Design District,” known for its glitz and high-end restaurants, shops, nightclubs and cafes. Buena Vista is also well known for its “East Historic District,” which has some of the oldest and best-preserved homes in all of Miami.

The Miami Design District might just be the most “happening” place in the United States. The area has attracted movie stars, musicians and television celebrities for decades. This district is the part of town where the stars come to shop, eat and play. It is not uncommon to encounter George Clooney or Madonna having dinner in one of the many award-winning restaurants, such as The Cyprus Tavern, MC Kitchen or The Embassy. Other famous people frequently seen in the district are Sylvester Stallone, Craig Robins and Kate Hudson. When it comes to spotting celebrities, the Design District is a great place to start the hunt.

The Buena Vista Miami Design District is the beating heart of the art scene in South Florida. The Design District has numerous fine art galleries, museums and showrooms. Places like Bossa Gallery, The Institute of Contemporary Art Miami and Markowicz Fine Art are enough to keep the art lover occupied all day. There are different exhibits, artist and displays featured at scheduled times throughout the year. The variety of artworks to see changes from month to month over the course of the calendar year.

The Buena Vista East Historic District is adjacent to the Design District and is a must see for anyone interested in classic 1920s architectural home designs. There are houses of many different varieties to enjoy viewing that include Mission, Mediterranean and Art Deco design styles. Buena Vista East is a place where the past is rediscovered and explored. Most of the people living in the district have a love for fashion, art and architecture. The neighborhood is overflowing with uniqueness and charm.

There are a lot of things to keep the traveler busy in Buena Vista, with so much to do and to see. It is the center of the Miami lifestyle, having that old Miami feel. It has an upscale, yet laid back atmosphere, where ordinary tourist can mingle with the rich and famous.