Annual Meridian Fundraising Event Attracts Celebrities and Politicians

With hundreds of prestigious events and meetings, Washington D.C. nights are always full of surprises and glamour. However, the Meridian Ball event held by the Meridian International Center is truly unique with its exceptional purpose and list of global leaders. The 48th Annual Meridian Ball was no exception to this where we saw a number of celebrities, politicians and VIP guests who dazzled the night.

The Meridian Ball Night took place on Friday, October 18, 2016, in Washington D.C. Similar to previous years, the event was well attended by popular and public officials that included Cabinet secretaries, Congress members, media celebrities, ambassadors, and representatives of the international business and cultural communities from everywhere. There were some events including Ambassador-hosted dinner as well as White-Meyer Dinner on Meridian’s campus as well as a conversation at Meridian House. The main focus of the Meridian Ball this year was to highlight the benefits of communication and the power of exchange that would create a competent leadership pool for the future

The Meridian Ball is one of the most important events held by the Meridian International Center as it serves to develop a strong pool of leadership by promoting inclusion, innovation, and mutual understanding. In this specific night, the activities and achievements are highlighted and raise awareness and funding through a fun filled evening.

What was special this year was the presences of Yousef Al Otaiba (, Ambassador of United Arab Emirates and Emanuel Gonzalez-Revilla, Ambassador of Panama who co-chaired the event along with their wives Abeer Al Otaiba and Luciana Gonzalez-Revilla, respectively. With the presences of such an impressive guest, the 48th Annual Meridian Ball became the main attraction for the media and paparazzi on that night.