NY Premiere of “He Named Me Malala” Well Attended by Celebrities

In addition to the many world class celebrities in attendance at the premier, there were also some important world political leaders at the premiere. United Arab Emirates ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba was one of the political leaders in attendance. The United Arab Emirates were instrumental in saving Malala's life after she was shot. Malala's

The Buena Vista music scene

The Buena Vista neighborhood of Miami has always been known for its eclectic community. Its music scene was one of the best kept secrets until the documentary The Buena Vista Social club brought some unintended notoriety. Although the community has struggled of late with a few nightclub closings, there are still shows to attend and

Advantages of being in the PGA Tour

PGA Tour is an annual golfing tournament organized by the Professional Golfing Association (PGA) primarily in the US and North America. Besides organizing the week-to-week golfing events for men, the PGA Tour also oversees the biennial President’s Cup, FedEx Cup event and several major tour events around the world such as PGA Tour Canada, Championship

FL Boat Show to Lure VIPs with Special Offers

Under Turnberry Co-Chairman and CEO Jackie Soffer’s leadership, Aventura Mall includes several world renowned retailers -- Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Tiffany and Co., Fendi, Burberry, Bally, Emilio Pucci, Omega and Brooks Brothers among others.

Why Does Hollywood Keep Making Video Game Movies?

When people talk about 1980′s action movies, one of the elements they tend to emphasize is the curious fact that all of the evil henchmen tend to attack the hero one-at-a-time. Surely if they all ganged up on Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, or Sylvester Stallone, they would be able to bring him down or at

Why Zac Efron’s EDM Movie Had One of the Worst Openings in Movie History

Musical moments always cross-pollinate. Saturday Night Fever emerged from disco. Suburbia and Sid and Nancy zeroed in on punk. Robert Altman took a macro look at country music in his essential filmNashville. And whatever you think of the collegiate resurgence of pop a cappella, the happy-faced movement turned Glee and Pitch Perfect into golden concepts. The zeitgeist demanded this weekend’s We Are Your Friends,

Aventura Mall Debuts 2015 Styled Magazine

Fashion, luxury, culture and trends— the ultimate South Florida lifestyle is encompassed in the newest edition of Styled, a 180-page fashion and lifestyle magazine created by Aventura Mall in partnership with nationally-acclaimed MODERN LUXURY.   Led by Turnberry Associates Co-Chairman and CEO Jackie Soffer, Aventura Mall is Miami’s premier shopping destination and is at the

Columbia pictures controlling stake holders

In the early 1970’s, Herb Allen Jr. took over running of the company after graduating from college, at a young age of 27. He then became CEO and decided to turn the company towards the entertainment arena. One of his biggest purchases was buying a large part of Columbia Pictures, which gave him a

The Movie of the Year?

In the industry that is movies, critics, film makers, and viewers alike are always on the lookout for the breakout out movie of the year. Professionals build careers, and fans plan days and weekends, around which concept they believe can be the next big box office smash. We are almost through with the year 2014,

What Is That Birdman Movie All About Anyway?

Feeling confused by previews of the new film, Birdman? You’re probably not alone. Birdman is a hard movie to explain and wondering whether or not this is some strange new sort of superhero franchise wouldn’t be the most absurd conclusion. However, Birdman is something far more rare and unexpected than just another superhero film and